• Invacare Platinum 10


    Using a HomeFill Oxygen System compressor, rather than the traditional liquid oxygen, makes traveling and keeping an active lifestyle easier. The Invacare Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator is a top-quality, dependable oxygen concentrator that can produce up to 10 LPM. It has a port that makes it compatible with the Invacare® HomeFill® Oxygen System. The power loss alarm and easy-to-use control panel make it reliable for all users. The Invacare Platinum 10 is available with an Invacare® SensO2® Oxygen Purity Sensor.

  • Perfecto 2


    The robust design on the 5-liter Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator includes an Invacare HomeFill system port for inventory flexibility and a user-accessible reset button to minimize emergency service calls.


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