• B Braun Perfusor

    Brand:B Braun

    The Perfusor® Space® Syringe Pump is intended for use in adults, pediatrics, and neonates. It is the first syringe pump to receive FDA clearance for air and road transport. Weighing only 3 pounds, its compact design and flexible mounting positions allow for both vertical and horizontal delivery to accommodate IV and enteral infusions.



    The Space pump design focuses on the needs of clinicians with an emphasis on intuitive workflow and navigation. To achieve this, B. Braun worked with Healthcare Human Factors, a global leader in developing best practices for human factors testing in healthcare. During validation, the device underwent extensive usability testing with registered, practicing nurses and anesthesiologists.

  • Alaris 8110


    The Alaris 8110 is a syringe module designed to work with the Alaris PC unit and the Alaris System. The Alaris 8110 combines precision instrumentation with advanced software to help ensure the right dose rate. It is intended for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood, and blood products using intermittent or continuous delivery. This syringe pump module uses a pressure sensing disc which shortens the time to alarm and reduces the delays upon infusion startup.


    The Alaris 8110 Syringe Module uses standard, single-use disposable syringes (with Luer-lock connectors) and administration sets, designed for use on syringe pumps.

  • Medfusion 4000 Pump IV Infusion


    Syringe infusion pumps are used to deliver small doses of medication from a variety of syringe sizes in acute care settings. The Medfusion® 4000 syringe pump is an intuitive system that helps confirm critical infusion-related decisions. The wireless syringe pump is recognized for reliable, accurate medication delivery to patients in the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, adult critical care unit and operating room.

  • Medfusion 3500 Pump IV Infusion


    The Medfusion® 3500 syringe pump is designed to deliver medication from a variety of syringe sizes (1 mL to 60 mL) in acute care settings. For more than 15 years the Medfusion® syringe pump platform has been recognized for medication delivery in critical care and the operating room.

  • Baxter 6301


    The Baxter 6301 is a dual channel IV pump that has a programmed delivery profile. The Baxter FLO-GARD 6301 Dual-Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump are industry standard in standard set infusion pump technology.

  • ZEVEX EnteraLite Infinity Feeding Pump


    The EnteraLite® Infinity® Enteral Feeding Pump is a nutrition delivery system for living. It’s a versatile enteral feeding system that has been designed to go wherever patients go. Its small size and portability enables patients to adhere to recommended activity prescriptions, and get the nutrition they need for living.

  • Cadd Legacy Plus 6500

    The CADD-Legacy® PLUS pump is for continuous and intermittent therapies… because performance runs in the family. Includes pump, single-use 50-/100-ml pump pouch, 2 AA alkaline batteries, non-sterile demo cassette, operator’s manual, patient guide and carrying case.

  • Kangaroo ePump Feeding Pump


    The Kangaroo™ ePump Enteral Feeding Pump is a simple-to-use, precision enteral feeding pump. It is easily programmed to deliver continuous or intermittent feeding and can provide automatic flushing capability when used with Kangaroo™ ePump Enteral Feeding Pump feed and flush sets.

  • Alaris 7130


    Alaris 7130 is a Single Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump that allows independent programming on both sides. It can be used for general IV infusions, antibiotics, blood infusions, enteral infusions, TPN and hyperalimentation, and lipids. Its monitoring options provide increased awareness of occlusion detection and battery charge condition. It also has add-on features like a dual-rate piggyback function and panel lock.


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